An artist, a model, a woman chasing her dreams – Marianne Roussety is one of those free spirits who fits so well in the Byron Shire. Having shot for Auguste many times over the years, we’ve come to know her love for nature, passion for art and talent for finding special hideaways all through the hinterland and up and down the coast – all of which you can see colourfully tiled throughout her instagram feed. Learn more about Marianne below and see her in pieces from our latest collection, captured here by her partner Ben.

Marianne Roussety, Auguste the Label, Byron Bay

You’re originally from Quebec in Canada. How did you end up in Australia and what’s keeping you here?

Nearly three years ago I had the chance to go to Portugal where I met the love of my life Ben, who is from Australia. At that point I was totally ready for a change, so I followed the signs which lead me to Ben. After our time together in Portugal we decided I would come to live with him in Australia for a year, which eventually became two and a half years. We applied for the De Facto visa a year ago so I could become a permanent citizen. 

Marianne Roussety, Auguste the Label, Byron Bay

What do you miss about home?

I miss my friends and my family. I miss the snow sometimes, but I don't think about it too often… I am pretty satisfied with the Australian winters!

You and your partner Ben have travelled quite a bit around Australia. Can you share a favourite travel memory?

Yes! Ben and I travelled up the east coast of Australia two years ago and it was absolutely magical. To be honest, it would be hard to only name one favourite travel memory as we've seen so much beauty along the way. One of our favourites though was when we stayed in Ben Boyd National Park in the south part of New South Wales. I can remember how peaceful and beautiful it was there, with barely anyone in sight – just us and nature. Some of the hidden gems were absolutely incredible.

Marianne Roussety, Byron Bay, Auguste the Label

How did you come to settle in Byron?

After travelling in the van for a few months, we decided to stop and live in Byron Bay for a little while, and we ended up staying for nearly five months. We both loved Byron so much but we had to go back to Adelaide, where we stayed for a year before making the big move back to the bay at the end of December 2017. (Best decision of our life!) Byron is a special place for us and for many others!Auguste the Label, Byron BayMarianne Roussety, Auguste the Label, Byron Bay

What do you love most about this pocket of the world?

Ohhh Byron... Byron Bay is so special! Special for its beautiful and colourful people, its lush nature…. The hinterland and the beaches are incredible and I still love to explore them even after being here for a while! I love that people are so creative and open-minded.

Marianne Roussety, Auguste the Label, Byron Bay

You’re both very talented artists. Tell us a bit about your work together and chasing your dreams.

I have always been super creative, from drawing to painting to making pottery. I’m always up for a challenge! I taught Ben my painting techniques when we first met in Portugal and he loved it. When I moved to Australia, we started creating together and we've worked on many paintings since – it is always special to create together. A few months ago we started our little business, which is called From Our Earth Art, where we sell our eco-friendly art and pottery. We think it is so important to do what makes us happy! 

Marianne Roussety, Auguste the Label, Byron Bay

How has moving to Australia inspired your creativity?

Moving to Australia definitely shaped and inspired our creativity. Nature is a big part of our inspiration and we were so inspired from our travels around Australia to create more! Moving to Byron Bay has also inspired us to create even more, as it is such an amazing place to be creative.

Marianne Roussety, Auguste the Label, Byron Bay

And lastly, your images are always filled with the most beautiful light. Do you have any tips for taking photos?

Thank you so much! Ben has an amazing eye for his photography. We love to shoot at sunset or anytime when the light isn't too bright. Sunsets in Byron are pretty incredible for photos!Marianne Roussety, Auguste the Label, Byron Bay


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