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It has no time. It has no place. And yet for many, there’s no escaping it. Bullying is as pervasive as it is painful, not to mention significantly harmful. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing young people in Australia and the USA, with one in four children bullied and one in five victims experiencing mental health problems later in life.

But bullying isn’t something that just takes place in the schoolyard, nor are its effects left there at the gates. This issue plagues both childhood and adulthood, places of learning and of work, the home life and the digital world. For both the victim and the bully, bullying can lead to incredibly serious and diverse problems including mental health disorders, substance abuse and self harm. We don’t want that for anyone.

This year, Auguste has partnered with the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s National Centre Against Bullying and international organisation The Cybersmile Foundation to create more positive communities, both online and offline – and we need your help.

Join us, learn more, stand up. That’s all it takes to be a hero.

There are more ways to be involved and contribute to a future free from violence. If an Auguste “Hero” T-Shirt isn’t for you – or isn’t enough for you – please visit the National Centre Against Bullying and Cybersmile to find out how you can donate, fundraise, campaign and provide support where needed.

“As a mother, a member of our global community and a victim of childhood bullying, I want to unite people in recognising the dangers of bullying and ignite them to use their voice and set an example. A hero can be anyone who makes this a better place for others – and that’s what this campaign is about.”

- Ebony Eagles, Founder & Creative Director of Auguste

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