You know that feeling when a song comes on that is so aligned with what you are doing at that moment, that it sounds like you are listening to your very own, personal soundtrack? Well, chances are you're listening to one of Philou Celaries playlists, the fresh-faced Parisian model has made a name for herself creating incredible playlists, with an eclectic mix of music. Not only an absolute bombshell, but she is also one of the sweetest and most sensitive souls we have ever met. We j’adore her and know you will too. 

Born in Paris, then onto London to study, then on to Brazil to live and now back in! Tell us more about living in Brazil? What an incredible experience and at such a young age.

​​Living in Brazil was incredible in so many aspects. I didn't even plan to move there, it was so spontaneous, I went for 3 weeks and stayed for 3 years! If I am being transparent, I had a hard time with the fact that the people were not as reliable as they are in Europe, always late, or not showing up. I felt lonely sometimes, everyone being so friendly and warm, it was not that easy to understand who actually liked me or not. Where I am from, you can tell straight away if somebody truly likes you as a person or not.

On a brighter note, I loved the people I met there - and still keep them close to my heart - the everyday positivity, the gastronomy, the way of living - going to the beach (2h away from town) with a good crew of friends every weekend but also enjoying the vibrant energy of a big city... As they say, in Sao Paulo every day seems like a Monday but every night feels like Friday. Very hectic and intense but I felt so aligned with myself when I was there. 

Now Mexico has sparked your interest. What about Mexico are you attracted to? Other than the incredible mariachi music, of course <3

Yes, I keep on going back and forth! The diversity of nature, the artistic scene, and the history of the country really draws me to it. It reminds me a bit of my dear Brazil in a way, even though it's very different. I am trying to get my Spanish back (I've learned it at school), even though it sounds a lot more Portuñol (a mix of Portuguese and Spanish) than anything else at the moment.

You make unreal playlists, even making one for us which we love. Your love for music goes back to when you were a child, back in the walkmen days. What style of music are you most drawn to and what is it about that music that you love?

Merci for the compliment! I am glad you enjoyed my playlists, I put so much love and care into them - they are like my children haha! 

You are asking me a challenging question on my favourite topic now haha I don't know where to start... More than inspired by a "style of music" in particular, I am more into moments that attract the right soundtrack. Some songs have a powerful history referring to a special moment we lived. Joyful or sad. I found some old playlists yesterday on my Itunes, named as July 2009, January 2010... I think it's a good way to classify the songs - by periods of your life. Music has the power to transport you back to moments and places like nothing else. It could be jazz, electronic, or disco. Your secret garden, your rules :) 

If we were to look at your Spotify right now, who is your top played artist?

Oulala.. there won't be only one I am afraid. But it could be Sofiane Pamart (who is a badass pianist), but also Four Tet (an amazing electronic music producer). It's hard but I will stop there haha. 

Passionate about all things mysticism, what is your star sign and is it spot on? 

I am a Pisces with a Libra rising and a moon in Gemini, and it really is spot on. Like every water sign, the Pisces is known to be highly sensitive, but also very spiritual and creative. A little bit extreme or dramatic sometimes (whoops), nostalgic, idealistic but very caring, taking on others' problems as if they were their own. I like to think that we have a very unique way to love people and are drawn to romance!

You have struggled with hypersensitivity, and for those of our readers who don’t know this is a condition in which you are highly sensitive to physical (via sound, sight, touch, or smell) and or emotional stimuli and the tendency to be easily overwhelmed by too much information. What was that like for you as a child? 

I remember seeing my best friend again after spending our summer apart and couldn't help but cry. I was so happy to see her and the feeling was overwhelming. I was almost embarrassed because no one else would cry of course. 

When I would receive a gift from someone, I would leave the label on for days because I would wonder if I really deserved that gift (thinking about how much time the person spent on finding that present for me, the money they must have spent etc.) It took me a while to understand how to control my emotions and impulses. I am still learning!

Often this condition goes undiagnosed, how did you come to the conclusion that you were struggling and how did you go about seeking help?

My parents took me to a psychologist at the age of 13 and they made me go through some tests. They didn't call it hypersensitivity at a time but the test showed that something in me was slightly different. Not better or worse, only different.

You have said ‘my friends are the family I've chosen, and they are so supportive, I couldn't dream of a better surrounding.’ We love this concept and truly believe in the saying that ‘you are who you surround yourself with.’ Who is someone dear to you that inspires you and why?

You are definitely right about this! I feel so lucky to have them all, I do my best to express how thankful I am :)

My first love Rodolphe played a huge part in my elevation. He believed in me when I didn't, pushed me to become the best version of myself, and always found a way to make me smile. We always sent each other new music, playlists, and we still do. We sometimes communicated through the lyrics. Ten years later and four years after splitting up, we are still here for each other, and I am forever grateful for what we have. I am gonna cry now, bye. Haha

You looked absolutely gorgeous in Auguste, what was your favourite piece from the collection? What do you love to style your Auguste faves with?

Thank youuu, I loved the Esther bikini I've been wearing. I love the high waisted bottom and the pattern :) I wore it with a yellow pareo and it looked perfect.

Looking for a soundtrack for your summer holidays? Philo has put together a playlist for our Auguste family and we have to say, it’s pretty amazing. We have been listening to it on repeat! Check it out and get listening. 

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