For many of us, this work from home lifestyle is totally new - and pretty confronting. Self isolation is key to helping flatten the curve when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, but while it's extremely necessary, it takes some getting used to.

One of the key pluses to working from home is the fact you don't have to dress up for work. You now own "daytime pyjamas" that replace your "night time pyjamas". You can be business on top, trackies on the bottom. Shoes? What are shoes? 

But for a lot of us, working from home means a LOT of video calls. There's a level of relaxed-casual that's accepted now we're all inside our homes and not a public office space, but most workplaces are still expecting staff to look, well, like they've tried.

We spoke to Mel Mason, Pedestrian.TV Managing Editor, retro wardrobe enthusiast and the girl with the best hair in publishing about her WFH tips and how to do WFH Style without compromising on comfort. 

Here are her easy tips to nail WFH.

1. Start your day right

I recently learned you should drink coffee after 9am, to let your body completely wake naturally first.

2. Wear Your Wardrobe

For a while I'll admit I fell into the daytime pyjamas void. It's easy to do - we think the joy of WFH is that we CAN feasibly roll out of bed and onto the keyboard within seconds.

But - like I'm sure you're realising - the buzz wears off. Suddenly, you're looking at your wardrobe full of cherished pieces and feeling depressed that you've got nowhere to wear them for the next few months, minimum.

When I started actually wearing my dresses and tops while working from home, I felt my mood lift significantly. I love fashion - why should the fact I can't wear it in front of others stop me from dressing up?

I never used to dress for anyone else but myself, so I don't know why being indoors stopped me. Put on your nice things and feel lovely in them, you know?

3. Good Vibes Only

I'm addicted to crystals right now, my huge rose quartz is a desk staple for good work vibes.

4. Focus On The Little Things

Something that can really help transition from rest time to work hours is setting them apart with small changes. For example, I always style my hair. It doesn't take long - I wear it wash-and-go with a little mousse for hold - but it differentiates from my messy bun I sleep in. 

I've gone makeup-free to give my skin a rest, but I'll follow a skincare routine each morning rather than roll out of bed and straight to my work desk. These little efforts have not only helped me feel switched on for work, but also help me switch off come 5.30pm.


5. Stay Hydrated

Have an insulated water bottle that keeps my water cold is making me drink more, I highly recommend!

6. Inhale, Exhale

Keep an aromatherapy mist within eyesight, I find calming scents really beneficial during stressful moments.

7. Nothing That Involves A Belt

The best thing about my personal style is I own a LOT of floaty 70s bohemia fashion. Read: dresses that don't cinch at the waist. The ultimate thief of comfort is anything that's tight across your tummy, from high-waisted jeans to belted skirts.

Since most video calls will catch you from the waist up, there has never been a better time to wear all your floaty maxi's and end-of-summer dresses. They're effortless, but show you care about how you present yourself to colleagues.

To read more from Mel head over to Pedestrain.TV

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