VIVID - Auguste The Label

Welcome to VIVID. Where every hue is clear and powerful…just like a memory woven deep in your mind.

It’s the recollection of moments that made your heartbeat a little faster, and lingered a while longer. Warm, orange sunsets repainting an entire sky. A lush, green field just waiting to be danced in. Blush pinks that manifest in your heart then radiate out of your cheeks.

We brought this feeling to life against landscapes in our home - Australia. A place grounded, earthy and familiar. Bringing us back to our roots in every way, we celebrate our quintessential Auguste shapes and prints - feminine and romantic.

VIVID, like every detail that reminds you of what sets your soul on fire.

Rosalie Blouses
Haisley Maxi Dress

Muses Annie Rose & Summer Parry

VIVID New Arrivals launching on Monday 15.4.24 8pm EST


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Welcome to Auguste

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