Waste Free May - Our Tips

Waste Free May - Our Tips

Our Customer Care Goddess Lisa is always inspiring us to do better, be better, and ensure the office is as enviro-friendly as possible . This month she's trading in her Santos vegan burger for BYO - well, everything. Whilst that might not be super do-able for everyone, we can all make an effort to reduce our environmental footprint. 
Here's Lisa's quick tips to reducing your waste on the reg: 
1) Coffee: Own a favourite reusable keep cup to save cup loads of paper and plastic annually
2) Start a Veggie Patch
3) Keep a recyclable bag/s in the car at all times for purchases and say no to plastic bags
4) Shop at the markets for food when you can. This supports local produce and also has far less packaging. Bring your market basket. 
5) Buy in bulk. Recycle jars and take to health store/ grocer to continuously refill with necessities
6) Bring your own lunch to work removing takeaway packaging. 

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