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The Splendour Bucketlist

The Splendour Bucketlist

Splendour In The Grass is upon us... and we're feeling fresh, bright eyed and overly excited about spending the next three days in the sun with our soul sisters and amazing tunes dancing around us...
Above all, we're excited about all the happy, slightly blurry memories we'll be making - so excited in fact,  that we've made a little Splendour Bucket list...
- Fill up a film camera or two full of sun-stained, muddy memories
- Have a long, insightful conversation  about the universe and Our Purpose On This Earth with somebody who you will most likely never see again
- Fall in love dancing to The Cure
- Fall in love dancing to The Strokes
- Share a veggie burger with your soul sister sitting on a hay bale somewhere 
- Watch an act where you have no idea who it is but it may just be the best live performance you've ever seen...
Go on, go get Splendid!

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