The #SheLivesFree Picnic

The #SheLivesFree Picnic

The #SheLivesFree Picnic

She Lives Free

Do you feel it? It's early morning rising for the sole purpose to be the first that day to watch the waves roll in on your favourite beach. It's dressing in something that makes you feel like you could take on the world... but choosing to lie in the sun instead, because today, that's what you need.  It's lying there, listening to Lou Reed and hearing something you haven't heard before in a song you've played a thousand times.  It's getting lost in books, in music, in art, in culture, in the eyes of the ones you love.  It's getting lost literally, in new towns, in new countries, in the beautiful chaos of your own mind.  It's grabbing the hand of your soul sister in one single moment of clarity as an idea forms between you in symbiosis. It's well-trodden boots, messy hair and sparkling eyes. It's living each day with an intent to feel beautiful, and to find beauty in each moment... 
It's eight women, bare-foot down to the seaside on a sunny Autumn morning in Byron Bay. It's a cover of Old Pine by Ben Howard  being sung along with the waves crashing like it was always meant to be listened to. It's the bubbling anticipation of groovin' to more live tunes that day. It's a candle burning, grounding plant-based food, and making a memory that will last far longer than the polaroids we snapped... or this perfect weather.
Photo Credit Nikki Westcott

Photo Credit Nikki Westcott

Interiors by Tigmi Trading

Interiors by Tigmi Trading

To celebrate one of our favourite festivals, Bluesfest, we decided to host a picnic with some of our local women and two lucky competition winners. We woke up at dawn and headed straight to The Roadhouse for coffee (because anything before coffee is just sleepwalking for us). Afterwards, we created this perfect little boho space as the sun rose.  Our secret Tallows beach access is almost always empty - it was just us and the sea that day.

When our guests arrived in a beautiful Kombi from Coast 58, we spent the morning  in a dreamy bell tent, listening to Nick Cunningham play beautiful tunes and eating amazing vegan food from 100 Mile Table. 

To our gorgeous guests, thank you for coming.

To anyone reading this - thank you for sharing this special little sun-stained memory with us. 

xx Auguste The Label 

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Film: Kaius Potter  @kaiuspotter

Photography: Josh Hedge @joshhedge

Music: Nick Cunningham  @nickcunninghammusic

Moroccan furnishings: Tigmi Trading @tigmitrading

Gorgeous Turkish Towels: Mayde @mayde_australia

Candles: The Candle Library @thecandlelibrary

Bell Tent:  Scout Co  @scoutcobyronbay

Vegan brunch: 100 Mile Table  @100miletable

Kombi : Coast 58 @coast58

A special thank you to Mayde, Samantha Wills& Sea 2 Skinfor making sure our guests left with something special. 


Olive Cooke ~ @olivecooke
Cartia Mallan ~ @cartiamallan
Emily Gurr ~ @emmgurr
Erin McKenzie ~ @erriinlee
Emma Mercury ~ @emmercury
Billie Edwards ~ @billiebillie
Mia Taninaka ~ @miaeatswolves
Lucy Jackson ~ @lucykatejackson
Nikki Westcott ~ @nikkiwestcott

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