Auguste’s designs are an ode to nostalgia - and Magnolia is our most sentimental collection yet. 

When looking for a location, we really wanted somewhere that permeated that nostalgia.

With our Muse Jess Hart based in LA, we decided to shoot the campaign in California…

and the scouting began!



Our Head Designer and Creative Director Ebony has been a long time fan of the Californian architect Harry Gesner’s work.

Born and raised in Southern California, Gesner was forever inspired by his natural surroundings, and was always conscious of sourcing natural or discarded materials for his projects.  

An avid surfer and lover of coastal living, his lifestyle directly translates to his designs. 

Ebony had seen snaps of Gesner’s famous cylindrical  ‘Sand Castle House’, and on visiting the house, she knew she’d found the place.

 According to Dwell Magazine, Gesner described The Sandcastle as ‘A dream place, built with love’.

He first imagined the house when proposing to his late wife, Nan Martin. He promised her that if she said yes, he would build her a house right on the sands of Malibu. 

Watch an interview with the legend himself via Dwell here. 

Feeling inspired? Check out our Life By The Sea Pinterest board


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