The #AugusteGirls guide to Yamba, NSW

The #AugusteGirls guide to Yamba, NSW

I don’t know
What I see I believe
And I know where I belong
Cos I worship the sun

— Allah Las

A couple of girls from our Marketing team and our gorgeous pal Amanda headed south Friday night with a car filled to the brim (a ten-man tent for three people - why not?) and Leon Bridges playing through the crackly speakers.  We were ready to escape The Bay for a weekend of salt water, sunshine, red wine, picnics and jenga. And yes, we're aware you can definitely get up to all these things in Byron, but sometimes shaking things up is good for the soul... so off we drove! Yamba is a little coastal town about one and half hours south of Byron Bay. It's busy in the summer, but not over-run. Even in the midst of tourist season, there's a sleepiness there that makes you feel relaxed. It's like the town is saying "yes, I know you're here, but I'm having the most incredible dream right now, and I'm not ready to be fully awake... so I'm just going to stretch with a smile on my face instead."

We spent the weekend exploring empty beaches, listening to Cat Stevens, watching the sun set at the lighthouse and negotiating the price of skate boards at road side garage sales... Although, you could argue that most of the weekend was spent stuck on a cliff on the edge of the Angourie Blue and Green Pools, trying to find the courage to jump off the edge. When we finally did, it brought about one of those moments of clarity that make you focus, purely on that instant. It was the kind of feeling that only comes when you're fully concentrating on the bridge to the chorus in your favourite song, or caught one of those  2AM discussions about the universe.  The feeling only lasted a couple of seconds before the splash, but it was a good reminder about how very nice it is to be alive. 

We're back in Byron now, and Summer is fading away fast, like a polaroid left in the sun... But it's memories of these little road trips,  blasting over-played playlists up and down the East Coast, that will keep us warm when the sea turns cold. 

xx The Auguste Girls

P.s Scroll down for our Top 5 Things to do in Yamba

 Our Top 5 Things to do in Yamba:


1) Visit Angourie Blue and Green pools. Take a packed lunch, lie in the sun, and jump off the cliffs (if you're game).

2) Have a sunset picnic at the lighthouse. Red wine & Fleetwood Mac are optional, but encouraged. 

3)  Have lunch at thePacific Hotel... grab a cider, listen to Oasis (they play it a lot there, trust us) and look out over the ocean.

4) Grab a post-surf coffee atBeachwood Cafe. 

5) Hang out at Yamba's Main Beach. On wilder days, relax in the salt water pool. 

All photos byAmanda Gylling... Unless she's in them (she's good, but noone's  that good). 

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