The Auguste HQ Has Gone Eco!

The Auguste HQ Has Gone Eco!

So the other day we did something very important at Auguste HQ... we banned coffee cups. NO - NOT COFFEE, we can't really imagine a fashion office without coffee (although our head Designer Ebony recently quit and is feeling amazing but that's for another day ). No - we banned coffee cups. We popped into Santos Organics and bought a keep cup for everyone in the office. (Byron residents, you get 50c off your coffee their if you bring a reusable cup, just FYI). Then we thought, well - why stop there? You know what is worse for the environment? Plastic bags. So we've promised ourselves that we won't bring any more of those nasty things to HQ (or into our out-of-office lives too!). 
And well... that just put us on a full rampage of the entire office to ensure that we were being as waste-free as possible. This being said, we were already doing a lot of the right things…but there is always room for improvement where Mother Nature is concerned. Here's our updated list / promise to ourselves on all the ways we reduce waste at HQ!
What we don't bring into our office
- Non-reusable coffee cups
- Plastic bags 
- Plastic water bottles that haven't been reused.
In The Kitchen:
- All our cleaning supplies are eco friendly (and grey-water friendly). When we run out, we re-use the containers and fill them up at Santos round the corner
- We've organised a compost bin for all our salad scraps (we're a healthy bunch... well, except at collection launch time) 
- We have a bagless vacuum cleaner and use biodegradable plastic bags.
In The Office:
- We won't print anything unless we absolutely have to
- We always use recycled paper
- We give our leftover cardboard boxes to the community to use via a note on Gumtree
 - We also ride our bikes to work and carpool where possible!
Stay tuned for our next eco-update from the Auguste Tribe! xx

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