The day started off with avocado on toast at Bayleaf Cafe in town, passing around our phones with the Splendour app to make sure we knew what was going on... Fast forward to 3pm on the Amphitheater hill and we were watching DMA's - a Sydney-based band that have been called 2016's answer to Oasis.

The Kills were next (check out our Snapchat). Alison Mosshart danced across the stage whipping her bright orange locks back and forth and sung about lost lovers and the crowd swayed along with her in a blissful unison as the sun went down. We climbed up the hill and watched the sun set over the festival, taking in a quiet little moment of clarity before meandering down to Leon Bridges. This was one of the best acts we've ever seen live. It was pretty small, and intimate - and we couldn't help thinking this is the smallest show we would ever see with this incredible man - "Coming Home" was a magical moment that felt like it didn't belong in this era. Actually, the whole set felt a bit like that - if you've heard him, you'll probably know what we mean.


Band of Horses followed - and these indie dream boats / soundtrack to the lives of any teenagers of the early 2000's did not disappoint. A really special moment was everyone humming along to the 'oooohh' part of The Funeral, swaying together in the half darkness, waiting for that famous guitar riff to start. From Band Of Horses, we joined the hundreds of others trekking up the Amphitheatre hill (Byron Bay Lighthouse has nothing on this) again to watch The Strokes. And, they were as amazing, charismatic and all around groovy as anyone would expect or hope for. Watching thousands of humans dance on the hill to"Someday" was a special moment and you could feel the euphoria in the air increase with each verse. 

It's Saturday morning - we've had a swim at The Pass and a coffee (or three). It's time to do it all over again. See you soon! xx
Don't forget to tag your Festival Outfits with #SplendourInAuguste xx
Gorgeous @breemorris_ in our All Good Things Play Dress
Two gorgeous girls spotted twinning in Auguste - LEFT: Autumn Play Dress and RIGHT: Bell Sleeved Shirt

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