Some Fave Mother's Day Entries so far

Some Fave Mother's Day Entries so far

Our hearts are so full! We're loving all the entries to our #AugusteMum comp - keep them coming everyone... this ends Sunday 8th May. 

To celebrate the release of some special new Little Auguste prints (and one of the best days of the year) we’re giving away a #SheLivesFree Mothers Day package to one lucky Mum featuring an Auguste outfit for her AND her little one PLUS a special horseback experience for them both. We'll also pick two entries to win an Auguste outfit each for themselves and their little ones.FIND OUT HOW TO ENTER 

My favourite thing to do with my daughter is an activity she has chosen...usually its a walk outside where we look for things, find flowers, feathers and identify birds. Its precious times like that i treasure...being a mum has made me cherish the now - @vanessa.newman78

Holding hands with my Raina bear, going for long walks to feel the wind in our hair. 
Cuddles on the couch and cookies in the oven, our home is constantly filled with all kinds of lovin'. 
The warmth of your smile fills me with pride, you are the sunshine that walks by my side. 
I love rubbing my nose with your nose,
squeezing your toosh, and kissing your toes. 
I love falling asleep with you in my arms, watching you rest peacefully fills me with a sense of calm. 
I often find myself counting your eyelashes one by one, feeling amazed at the work of art we have done. 
I love playing dress ups and making memories, I love telling you my stories. 
Your wet kisses all over my face there is nothing I treasure more...
Everyday my darling daughter you make my heart soar! 
We had loads of fun taking snaps to enter your Mother's Day Comp so thank you Auguste!!! Enjoy! - @

The best thing to do with my girl is also the easiest: walk. We walk around the city or the pond and make up stories and adventures. Sometimes we're aliens, sometimes princesses, and sometimes Luke Skywalker. The time spent nurturing her imagination and the time spent talking stays with me and hopefully with her too. - @joannahaughton

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