#SheLivesFree with Corina & Natascha

#SheLivesFree with Corina & Natascha

We reckon you can always tell when two girls are best friends. There's an in-sincness and authenticity there that jumps right off the screen... And these sun-soaked snaps Corina aka (@wildandfreejewelry) and Natacha (@nataschaelisa) have the essence of a true soul-sister friendship. 
We adore these girls - Corina is a jewellery entrepreneur and fashion blogger and writes like her words are dipped in raw honey... And Natascha is a blogger/ model who wears a series of other hats - one of our faves being the co-founder of Models Of Compassion (read our interview with Natascha about MOC here.)
The two packed their bags full of easy-to-wear Auguste pieces and headed for Costa Rica. I know you took us with you, but next time can you - like physically - take us with you? 
GET INSPIRED & check  out their original blog posts here: 
In Search Of Sadie - Natascha
Shop their looks below (state of absolute blissing out not included but definitely encouraged) xxxx

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