Someone whose adventures we have been following for a while now is Tanya, the beauty behind the blog and Instagram account One World Just Go. After spending a post high-school Summer backpacking through Europe, Tanya hasn’t really ever stopped travelling, coming home only to re-pack her bags and head off on another adventure.

On her return from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Uluru (with her fave Auguste in tow of course) we chatted to Tanya about her travel hacks, the wonders of a flowing maxi, and what’s keeping her company on the road right now.

Every keen traveller seems to have a story where their love of crossing ocean first starts... what was yours?

After finishing high school I spent that summer traveling solo through Europe and ever since then I’ve always been planning and saving for the next trip.


What drew you to creating a community around travel - and what has been the best thing that's come from this so far?

I always love talking about travel whether it’s in person or online. It’s so rewarding knowing all the hours you’ve spent compiling a blog post has inspired someone to visit a certain destination. I love getting emails from people who tell me my travel guides have helped them plan their trip and they went to all the places I’d recommended.


You talk about the urge to constantly discover new places... but what location just keeps drawing you back?

 That would easily be Bali. I’ve visited every year for the last 3 years and will happily keep going back. The people are incredibly friendly, their villas are so beautifully designed, the food is delicious, there’s always a new waterfall or beach to explore and it’s super convenient and cheap for Aussies to travel to. 


You dress so well whilst living out of a suitcase - what are your travel essentials?

I mainly live in printed maxi dresses because they’re comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Plus it’s hard to take a bad photo when you’re wearing a beautiful flowing maxi. I always travel with a cardigan and large scarf to throw on, even if I’m traveling to hot destinations because of the A/C and plane rides. I also swear by rolling all my clothes into packing cells so my suitcase stays super organised and I can always find anything within a second.

You get given a free plane ticket to anywhere right now... where would it be?

Somewhere in South America like Bolivia, the landscapes there look so stunning and a world away from Australia.


What authors & musicians are currently keeping you company on the road right now?

Lion was the last book I read and also movie I watched on the plane and couldn’t recommend it enough. I love reading about true stories from different parts of the world, particularly if I’ve travelled there before or am planning a trip. As for music, I tend to listen to anything on one of the R&B playlists on Spotify.


Follow Tanya's journey on Instagram & discover her One World Just Go blog here. 



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