Al Thursfield has a built a career out of being busy – or maybe more so, by fueling the tank of those who are. The Byron local and food concoction genius is the founder of The Daily Bar, a range of nutritious, all natural and ridiculously tasty snack bars that cause a mini stampede in our office each time they’re restocked. We recently spent the morning with Al and her business partner Harry, basking in the early morning sun, getting salty in the surf, and restocking bars at their favourite cafe.

Read the interview below.


Tell us about The Daily Bar! They don’t last long in our office. What inspired you to start the business?

It sounds cliché but initially I just felt like there was a huge gap in the market for a truly healthy snack. And from that point I began to really evaluate how I could create a brand with impact.

I felt like there was so much opportunity, and to some extent, necessity to bring purist health into the mainstream, and anabsolute necessity for businesses to reduce their impact on the planet!

I think the combination of purpose and passion is a force to be reckoned with, so the inspiration for the brand just flooded in, there were huge challenges to overcome in the process, but I really did have so much fun with it.


You describe the bars as the perfect snack for when you’re in a rush. What keeps you so busy?

My bar world keeps me incredibly busy, which is pretty ironic. I don’t think in my wildest dreams could I have known what I was getting myself into with this one – exciting, but a lot of work!

We’re still in that slightly chaotic start up stage at the moment, so every day is pretty diverse and fast-paced. I’m often dashing between the office, the kitchen (where we produce) or out on the road trying to hustle bars (for the record - my most hated part of the job, was definitely not born to hustle!) This work lifestyle can become stressful at times, something I’ve learned to counteract with a daily exercise-induced endorphin high (who knew I had an addictive personality) so luckily I’ve got an endless supply of snacks to keep me going!



You’re originally from Melbourne. How was the transition to Byron Bay?

I moved here on a whim 6 years ago when I was 19, and have been here ever since. So Byron for me really has been the place I’ve had to shape my adult identity and figure out all the grown-up things about life, so in that respect, it definitely hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but the rest, I mean look at this place!

 Has your style changed much since moving here?

Absolutely! I actually rarely get dressed for the day at home, so it’s usually a fling on something from a beach car park, or a mad dash not to hold up the shower queue at yoga/the gym, kind of dressing affair. So I’d say less prep time definitely equals a more effortless style.

I’m definitely drawn to easy, pretty dresses that I can always dress up or down as needed depending on what’s on for the day (more often than not it’s a dress down scenario).

And obviously a few less layers needed in these parts!

What’s your average morning look like?

Movement & coffee! My morning really does define my day. Emails, spreadsheets and all the other unglamorous office-bound elements of running a business mean that I spend a lot more time than I’d like inside and sitting still, so that first little window in the morning before I get stuck into my working day is very precious to me.

Movement is essential, and each morning’s activity very much depends on the waves, the weather and my mood. Every morning always involves coffee though, an absolute non negotiable.

I’m so lucky to work with one of my best friends, Harry, who coincidentally (or not) shares the same sentiments towards surfing and coffee. So we love to start our day together hatching game plans and having completely over-caffeinated but inspired visionary conversations about where we’d like to take the brand. These special morning moments really are the fuel behind The Daily Bar.

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