What’s your role at Auguste the Label?
Tori: Marketing Assistant
Phoebe: Copywriter and Content Manager
This means…
T: I work really closely with everyone in the marketing team, lending a hand with whatever project is in the works at the time. Whether that’s assisting on a shoot, chatting with influencers or organising content for social media – I’m working on something different every day.
P: That I’m responsible for any typos :/


Auguste the Label, The Farm, Byron Bay
How does Auguste connect with your personal style?
T: I love a neutral wardrobe so you’ll usually find me in plenty of white and as much linen as possible. From time to time I love mixing it up with a subtle floral, which Auguste is perfect for.
P: By bringing some much-needed florals to my closet. I tend to gravitate toward more natural tones or solid colours, so it’s nice to pull on a patterned piece here and there.
What in your closet brings you the most joy?
T: At the moment I love wearing my (crazy cosy) sherpa coat. I never thought it would be cold enough to wear it in Byron but I’m definitely taking advantage of these cooler winter days!
P: A vintage Parisian silk blouse that’s easily the most colourful thing I own.
Auguste the Label, The Farm, Byron BayAuguste the Label, The Farm, Byron Bay
We’re at your favourite spot in Byron Bay. What makes it so special?
T: Where else can you drink coffee, visit piglets and walk through sunflowers all in the one place? I love bringing a picnic rug and spending Saturday on the grass.
P: Hands down, The Farm has the best baked goods in the Byron area – at the very least, the best on my route to the office. Most Saturdays my husband and I stop by early in the morning to share a croissant and jam donut and to visit all the animals. The Scottish highland cows are my favourite.
One thing you love about working in Byron…
T: Working in Byron means there’s a massive focus on work-life balance. It’s such a blessing to be able to stop in at the beach on your drive home from the office.
P: So many things. The work-life balance, getting to the beach before work, the lack of traffic lights… I could go on.
Auguste the Label, The Farm, Byron Bay
What can’t you get enough of right now?
T: Runs along Suffolk Beach as the sun is rising. I’ve seen it a thousand times and still get excited!
P: The sunsets. It’s my first winter living here and the setting skies are so consistently beautiful. I’m usually in a rush to get home so I can walk to the beach and catch the pink hues before the sun retires for the night.
What’s your go-to office tune?
T: The Ruben’s radio has made a bit of a feature this week and of course ‘90s for Friday afternoons.
P: Whatever Tori is streaming!
Auguste the Label, The Farm, Byron BayAuguste the Label, The Farm, Byron Bay
When it comes to getting dressed/fashion, what matters to you?
T: Local labels + slow fashion.
P: That I really love what I put on and will continue to for a long time to come. I’m trying to have a more minimal wardrobe, so I only choose pieces that really resonate with me.
What’s your favourite Auguste piece right now?
T: There are some gorgeous midi dresses arriving for Spring that I’m really excited about!
P: Probably the Manhattan pieces. It’s the texture of the cotton that gets me.


Auguste the Label, The Farm, Byron BayTori wears the Desert Dandelion Grace Mini Dress and Phoebe wears the Manhattan Harper Slip Mini Dress, both from The Superbloom collection. 

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