What’s your role at Auguste the Label?

I started my role as the kids product developer and have (very) recently taken on the production assistant role as well.

This means…

It’s the best of both my worlds! I get to work on fun, colourful frills and twirling dresses, and then see these products come to life. The best part is seeing the girls’ reactions to the clothing at photoshoots or in store – anything from huge beaming smiles and giggles to dancing and spinning around in their new outfits. Then I assist in all things production, which means I am constantly working across multiple seasons at once doing anything from communicating with our suppliers, sourcing new fabrics, following up production timelines, organising and problem solving… Usually all in the same day. It’s pretty great!

How does Auguste connect with your personal style?

My style is pretty effortless; barefoot and floaty pieces. I’ve been an Auguste customer for a long time and what keeps me coming back is that I feel beautiful and radiant in every piece, yet minimal time has been spent getting ready. Plus my entire wardrobe is made up of vintage florals, so it just works.


What in your closet brings you the most joy?

That would have to be my jewellery… all of it. They all have different stories behind them, and I get to relive these adventures every time I’m putting on my rings or clasping my necklace


We’re at your favourite spot in Byron Bay. What makes it so special?

When I flew up to Byron for my interview at Auguste, The Pass was the first place I stopped by to visit. As I walked along the rocks and sat watching a pod of dolphins amongst the surfers I couldn’t help imagine this becoming my life… and it did. Even if I didn’t feel that connection with this corner of the coast I just look around and see how truly special it is with the clear waters, nooks amongst the mangroves and all the wildlife passing by.

 One thing you love about working in Byron…

One thing, really? For me it’s the lifestyle. I live for lake swims before work, beach hangs after work, and waterfalls on the weekends.


What can’t you get enough of right now?

The pinky-orange sunrises throughout the clouds over Tallows and visits from my family and friends


What’s your go-to office tune?

I sense a bit of a theme, however I’ve gone back and re-discovered 'Follow the Sun' by Xavier Rudd. In fact the whole Spirit Bird album has been my go-to office/car/bike ride soundtrack.

When it comes to getting dressed/fashion, what matters to you?

There are a couple of things. When I need something new for my wardrobe I'll always try to find a recycled option first. I love the sensory overload I get when hunting for clothes that already have a story to tell… plus its pretty unlikely you’ll cross paths with someone else wearing the same thing. When I do purchase brand new outfits I look for companies who are making a difference in the world. It’s important to me that the clothes I wear have been sourced and made ethically, and its even better when that company gives back. Finally I need my clothing to be comfortable. If something I own does become uncomfortable I’ll pass it on to someone who will get more use out of it.


What’s your favourite Auguste piece right now?

For day to day I’m loving the Scarlett Babydoll Mini and then to take me into the evening I'm obsessed with the Valentina Mini – also another theme?

Emma wears the Scarlett Babydoll Mini Dress from our Francesca collection.




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