Meet The Sea 2 Skin Souls

Meet The Sea 2 Skin Souls

Sea 2 Skin is a fresh new Bondi-based skincare brand inspired by the ocean and home-grown surf culture. With sustainable ingredients derived from the deep blue sea... Founders Amanda & Jodie are making some serious waves in the natural beauty industry. 

Get to know them...  

Tell me a little bit about a day in your life: 

AMANDA:  Jodi and I are lucky enough to live right on Bondi beach, so most days start with a morning surf or a dip in the ocean. We fill the rest of our day running a start up business, so we’ve become quite the multi-taskers! Packaging and sending orders, managing our marketing campaigns and wholesale accounts, networking with other entrepreneurs and like minded business owners, being creative, seeking inspiration from our surroundings and social platforms, researching ingredients for new products are just a few things we get up to! We love what we do and always think positively and have a laugh even though starting a business can be challenging at times. 

What inspired you to create the Sea 2 Skin business?

AMANDA: Jodi and I have both suffered from various skin conditions in the past such as eczema, acne and skin sensitivities. Having grown up on the NSW coast and being lovers of the beach, we love the way our skin feels after swimming in the ocean so we decided to create a skincare brand inspired by that feeling. We are both really passionate about skincare and what we put on our skin, but found there wasn’t anything on the market that we really loved so we decided to create our own! 


Describe your relationship with the ocean - do you swim in it every day? Did you grow up on the coast?

JODI: I start most days at the beach with either a morning surf, swim or soft sand run. It's such a lovely way to start the day! I love the rejuvenation the ocean gives – both inside as you take a little time for yourself and outside with the feeling of salt on your skin.

AMANDA:I have a strong connection with the ocean and have never strayed far from the coast. I love how calming the ocean is, just being close to the salty sea air is instant therapy for me! I love that fresh, electric buzz on my skin after a dip in the ocean and usually start each day with that feeling.


How involved were you in picking the ingredients for the face masks?

AMANDA: When developing our first product the Active Hydration Mask, we wanted to create a face mask that captured all the goodness from the ocean and actually does what it says it’s going to do. Results are important to us because we want our customers to have a positive and real experience. We researched ingredients extensively and came up with our unique formulation that brought the Active Hydration Mask to life. It’s really important to us to use sustainable ingredients in our formulations and ensure it contains no nasties or parabens.


I understand you created the artwork? Tell me about the creative process:

JODI: I love painting & experimenting with different mediums and seeing how they react when mixed. Our label artwork is an abstract impression of the Great Barrier Reef created from resin and acrylics swirled together. The colours represent the rich beautiful turquoise blues from our incredible reef and Australian coast line.


Tell us about the benefits of combining naturally derived and active elements in your skincare

Jodi: We believe mother nature provides the most powerful ingredients for beautiful, youthful skin, but we also believe the proof is in the outcome and women want results! We have all spent money on things that have fallen short on their promises. With this in mind, we've combined high quality, natural and active ingredients such as marine collagen and natural hyaluronic acid to visibly improve your complexion. We have received incredible feedback from our gorgeous customers who can’t get enough of their smooth, glowing complexions. There is nothing better than showing off amazing skin, and we’re really excited to share this feeling with everybody.


Describe your personal style:

AMANDA: I think my style is pretty simple, I have my favourites which I wear to death, usually a pair of denim shorts and a summery crop! I love floaty, floral, boho pieces paired back with denim and try and sneak in a heel when I can to make me a little taller! 


JODI: I like a mixture of feminine bohemian pieces and modern sophistication with an edge, depending on the day. I love natural organic fibres that flow and give me freedom and comfort but I also like a little luxe embellishment too! The fusion of both these styles is my ultimate favourite. 

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