[Meet The Muse] Amelia Zadro

[Meet The Muse] Amelia Zadro

Amelia Zadro is one of the muses from our latest collection, The Open Road. We took 5 with her, and ended up even more intrigued than before... 
 The last song you listened to: Finder- Moderat
 The last live gig you saw: Fat Freddy's Drop in Sydney 
The Last book you read: Steppenwolf. I have a problem with getting distracted half way through and so it is still not completed, but definitely will be!
Where is your favourite place in the world? Mum's garden (I'm getting a little homesick)
Describe your perfect day: Rise early by the water, somewhere peaceful, natural with sunshine.  With someone I love. We swim, explore and probably eat an acai bowl!
Your childhood in one sentence: Adventuring a European forest town.
Describe the last dream you remember dreaming: I walked along a path, I fell into a puddle, I met a wise man who had been living in there and he kindly shared his life wisdoms with me.

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