Meet Nicole Millar

Meet Nicole Millar

We caught up with the gorgeous Nicole Millar days away from her set at Splendour In The Grass to get to know a little bit more about what's behind her magic (read: music). She writes her best songs in bed and stays grounded in a crazy industry by knowing her own worth - always.


Tell us a little bit about your childhood - when was the first moment you realised music was something you wanted to pursue? 

I guess I’ve always been singing but I was such a shy child growing up. Because of that I went to a performing arts school which totally broke me out my shell. That made me adventure more into the world of music and took my performing to another level.


Describe your ultimate song-writing space:

 Bed! Haha! I love writing to beats and get ideas together by myself before hopping into the studio with a producer to finish the ideas off.


 Tell us about the last dream you remember having:

 I have lots of dreams where I’m trying to escape in some random place and then I realise I can fly haha! My dreams aren’t all that exciting. I can normally only remember parts of them.


 Do you dream in colour or black and white:

Colour. I’m all about colours :) 


We love hearing our artists stay grounded on the road - what are your must-haves for life on tour?

 It’s so hard to keep fit and healthy on tour. I got given a mini nutri-bullet for my birthday so I will definitely be taking this with me for the next shows. I also love a good book for all the time to kill between sound check and travel. Fit wise I do yoga tutorials in my hotel room. For beauty I’m all about creams and baby wipes. I have this great AESOP hand cream that is mandarin scented and it keeps me feeling fresh.


The Australian music industry arguably very male dominated - what’s your take on being a female musician in Australia?

Yes it is male dominated although there are a lot more females these days which is nice. That being said I tour with 3 males in my band. I think it is important for females to stay grounded and be a boss bitch haha! By boss bitch I mean know what you want and understand your worth.


 We love your vibe and can’t wait to see you at Splendour  - who else should we not miss?

Thank you ! I’m very excited. I’ve got a few new songs I’ll be performing for my set. Make sure you check Jack Garrett for sure. He’s a one man band and very talented.


 Catch Nicole's set at 3:00pm, this Friday at Splendour In The Grassxx


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