Kind Jewellery

Kind Jewellery

"The idea was to create a line of jewellery for ALL KIND, which doesn't discriminate against age, gender or personal style."

KIND Jewellery's Tansy Haak dreamt up the idea while on an extended travel trip through Europe, India and Sri Lanka.  Inspired by the space she'd given her mind to grow while she'd wandered ... upon going home to London she started KIND - a handmade jewellery label with a focus on quality, responsibly sourced materials.
After borrowing some of our favourite KIND pieces for our Havana Nights Shoot, we caught up with Tansy to get to get to know more about our favourite new Jewellery brand. 

 Tell us a little bit about your travels that inspired you to create KIND

In 2015 my husband and I fled London in search of warmer shores and coconut trees. We ditched the car and travelled through Europe, India and Sri Lanka.....on push bikes! The adventure gave us time to breath, reimagine our goals and dream up a life where our priorities sat centre stage. For me that was being hands on and having the chance to work creatively. KIND was born on the Sri Lankan shores and I haven’t looked back. 
At the moment we call London home but our minds are always wandering and it's only a matter of time until our feet follow their lead! 
Describe an average day in the studio

I like to start my day early with yoga and a walk with our pup Pablo. I hit the studio by 8.30am, pop on some music, make a coffee and then respond to emails, research new designs and concepts and take care of any admin. The afternoon is my time to kick free from my computer screen and start making. Whether this is making orders or dreaming up new designs I couldn't do without this part of my day. Its when my mind calms and my imagination goes wild! 

 What’s on your work playlist at the moment?

Junius Meyvant and his up beat rhythms blow me away and Ruminations by Conor Oberst is great for a more mello vibe.

You’re 100% handmade  - tell us about your brand pillars of sustainability and ethical manufacturing…

The KIND ethos is to collaborate and grow, be confident and bold and above all to look after our planet and the people who we share it with.  Each part of KIND leads back to sustainability and how we can consciously minimize the impact our actions have on our earth. All pieces from the KIND collection are handmade by myself using recycled and responsibly sourced Gold and Silver. Using local suppliers and supporting independent business helps support our community and reduce our carbon footprint.  I create pieces of jewellery that not only have their own story but that will become embroidered into the stories of the people who wear them.

 How has your debut collection been received so far…

KIND Launched in June 2016 and I have been blown away by the response to it. Christmas was mad and seeing the pieces alongside our soul sisters Auguste in the new Havana Nights Campaign is great!  
KIND and Auguste have a natural synergy...we both want to create pieces which become the fabric of peoples lives and so entwined in their stories and adventures that they never knew how they lived with out them.

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