Tell us about your childhood. Where did you grow up? What was it like?
I grew up on a farm In the Northern Rivers NSW surrounded by stunning rainforest, prolific orchards, vegetable gardens and 5 horses which I adored. In fact, I was obsessed with anything horse related for many years.

The fact that we were fairly isolated meant I spent most of my time with family, animals and myself which fostered my creative spirit immensely. I think being immersed in nature for the first 12 years of my life inspired me to use my imagination and be resourceful.    


Did you always plan on having your own jewellery label or did it happen more organically?
Between the ages of 20 & 26 I travelled to many countries & delighted in looking at jewellery everywhere.



I spent many days antique shopping for miniature objects that excited me and which I could fit in my suitcase.
Back in Australia I did a silversmith course and discovered I loved designing Jewellery. This is when my plan to start a jewellery line began. I started Tiger Frame when I was 26.


How would you introduce Tiger Frame to someone new to the brand?
Tiger Frame is an exploration of beautiful gemstones gracefully combined with elegant symbolic imagery and an Art Deco twist. It’s very feminine jewellery, delicate but also strong with an edge.



Can you tell us a bit about how Tiger Frame jewellery is made and the gems you use?
Tiger Frame jewellery is made in Bali, Indonesia with our very talented team with whom I have worked with for over 13 years. My hand drawn designs are translated into wax moulds which are cast in sterling silver then assembled with carefully selected gems which I source from different countries. It’s a very detailed and intricate process from beginning to end.


You’ve lived and travelled all over the world, from Amsterdam to the Amazon, Berlin to Bali. What do you love about immersing yourself in a new place?
I love exploring cultures and soaking up the ambiance of new places. Meeting interesting people and finding out how they live is very stimulating. The world is wonderful and exciting place!



Is there anywhere you haven’t been that you’d love to visit? Or somewhere you’re dying to return to? 
I’d love to travel around Australia and I am longing to return to Europe, India and Canada.


What worldly influences or experiences do you bring to your work?
Both Europe and India have been very inspirational for me. Each time I travel to these places I am filled with ideas. I say Europe because it gives me a chance to include a whole bunch of countries in one hit, many of which are close to my heart and have influenced me throughout my live.

 I really appreciate architecture for all its lines, shapes and the history imbued within buildings. My love of Bali and its culture has also filtered through my designs: the innate creativity and traditional craftsmanship there is extremely rich.


What else inspires your designs?
Travelling and collecting small objects of meaning have played a big influence in my designs. Any Antique market is a treasure trove of ideas and history.

Everywhere I go I take photos of shapes / patterns and colours which interest me then when I am ready to design, I’ll bring it all together.


What’s a typical day look like for you? Do you have any non-negotiable rituals?
Every morning starts with tea… I’m passionate about finding the most delightful teas and making a ritual of drinking them. My love of small things extends to vintage tea sets and other tea paraphernalia.  

I’m an early riser, partly because I need to be alone for some part of every day and I find mornings the sure-fire way to get that alone time. This is nonnegotiable and can only be messed with for very short interims. I work during the day and spend evenings cooking and enjoying family time. That’s pretty much an average day.



Outside of Tiger Frame, what’s important to you?
Most important is friends, family and our dogs. My daughter is a ray of sunshine!


And finally, do you have a favourite piece of jewellery that you never take off?
I have many favourite pieces. Usually I wear crystal pull through earrings layered with hoops, studs and a short necklace… oh and a few bracelets. I live in my earrings and bracelets.





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