Her Sea Fever | Meet Tansie Bennets

Her Sea Fever | Meet Tansie Bennets

I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,

To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife; 

- Sea Fever by John Masefield 


As Auguste has grown on Instagram, it has been amazing to see the moments in time rolling in on our #SheLivesFree hashtag. We created the tag to be a little place on the internet where Auguste Girls share their adventures... Women travelling through new cities, exploring coastlines or celebrating with their nearest and dearest. It's really cool thinking about what (and who) we've found on there.  

Tansie Bennettswas one of these treasures. 


Tansie is the creator of A Year's Sea Fever- a year-long visual diary documenting her global travels through sun soaked mini-films on a weekly basis. We felt a serious synergy between the She Lives Free lifestyle and the reality Tansie has created for herself (and her authentic way of expressing it to the ones following her adventures) - so we started collaborating. It's been pretty magical so far! 


Get to know her...


Tansie wears the Moonflower Onepiece 


"I grew up in a Coastal town in the South West of Australia where my parents encouraged wildness and exploration from an early age. Family holidays were exciting adventures camping in remote locations or overseas travel in countries such as Indonesia. Instead of spending time at resorts or hotels, we would be immersed into the local culture and way of life which has helped me have an open mind growing up. Our trips were always documented by my father but as I grew older I took on the role, absorbed in the ability to capture all the unique and wonderful moments."

Tell us a little bit about the “A Year's Sea Fever concept”

A Year’s Sea Fever started out as my own visual diary. A way to document
life, what was happening around me and seek out the beauty in the small
moments as well as the big adventures. The project has evolved in its own
way forcing me to get creative and look deeper. There have been weeks when
it has been so hard to get my camera out, or sit at the computer and edit
hours and hours of footage, but the connections I have made with people
while I’m filming have been more than worth it. Being armed with a camera I
have found how incredibly open people have been to sharing their lives and
special moments with me. To me A Year’s Sea Fever has become all about
seizing every moment, jumping out of comfort zones, really living in the
present and forging connections with the people around me.

Do you travel light? What are your essentials for a well travelled life?

I always try to travel as light as possible, but often find myself at local markets collecting little treasures along the way.
Bikinis and Sundresses and essential oils are my staples for the tropics but the most essential item for me, wherever I’m traveling, is a sarong. I always travel with a
couple, so versatile whether it’s a makeshift blanket, towel, skirt or something to wrap around your shoulders to maintain some modestly when
entering a temple or sacred site.

What are your most played songs at the moment?

All I Wanna Do - The Beach Boys (Always at the top of my list!)
Coming Of Age - Half/Cut (the beauty behind most of the music that
accompanies my videos

Devils Whisper – Raury (So good to listen to on the scooter while flying
through palm filmed streets)

Crowded House – Private Universe (feels like it was written to be played on
humid star filled nights)

Tell us about a book that changed your life:

Earlier this year a fellow traveller gave me their worn copy of Papillion by Henri Charrier. It’s about Henri’s time as a prisoner in
the brutal French penal colony of French Guiana and his numerous escape
attempts. The book is full of exotic locations, and oh so much daring
adventure! It really inspired me to take more risks with my travel, trust
myself and always choose the long way around.

Describe your favourite place in the world

My favourite place in the world would have to be a Red Bluff a camp site on
the coast in mid north Western Australia. It’s this incredible little cove
filled with amazing surf breaks, coral reefs incredible rock pools. As a
family we would spend often 6 weeks of the year up there when I was
younger. There was no running water or electricity. Just nature at it
rawest and most beautiful. I learnt a lot about life up there and it still has great meaning to me today.


Tansie wears the Sandy Days Day Dress

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