Girl Power ~ The 10 Aussie female acts you have to hear right now

Girl Power ~ The 10 Aussie female acts you have to hear right now

10 Aussie Female acts you need to hear right now!

By Grace Pashley

GRACE PASHLEY is the gal behind a radio show you should listen to, The Amplifier, on Brisbane radio 4ZZZ. She likes listening to music, talking about music and making other people listen to the music she likes. out The Amplifier here xx

1) Lazertits

Image vy: Nusha Gurusinghe

Five Melbourne ladies making high energy brat punk and lyrics that you can shout to. The chorus to their debut singleGender Studiesis “GENDER STUDIES / GENDER STUDIES / FEMINIST BANGS / FEMINIST BANGS / FEMINIST” which is now my go-to reply whenever someone says anything vaguely misogynist or generally dumb. They’re also great because Lazertits is a great band name to drop in casual conversation, try it out on your most conservative uncle.

Listen here


2) Wafia

Image by: Claire Wakeford

Image Source: Kucka Facebook

Perth sample wizard Laura Jane Lowther has just 200% slayed the last year, releasing her own excellent debut EP and collaborating with a shortlist of who’s who in Australian electro-pop, as well as lending her vocals to the A$AP Rocky trackFashion Killa.I’ve loved everything she’s done but especially can’t wait for her next solo stuff, it’s like fairy floss for your ears.

Listen here

Watch here


4) Jaala


Image credit: Jaala Facebook

Everytime I think about the fireball that is Cosima Jaala I can only respond with this noise: “uuunggfff”. She released her debut albumHard Hold late last year and I fell head over heels. It’s been described as art-punk but translated out of BS musical jargon Jaala’s sound is angular and full of passion. This combo can be hard to listen to at times, but if you’re looking for something different and are a fan of early Sia check this lady out.

Watch here


5) R.W. Grace


Image Credit: R.W. Grace Facebook

This Perth native makes super slinky, sexy dark pop. She’s great. Big fan. ‘Nuf said.


6) Ecca Vandal


Image by: Sean McDonald

I dare you to find another artist in Australia right now who can match Ecca’s energy in their sound. She can make certified electro-pop bangers and really brash metal(ish) tracks of equal quality, and she puts on one helluva live show.

Watch here


7) Sampa The Great

Photo Credit: Sampa The Great Facebook

There is so much hype around every release Sampa drops, and it’s certainly justified as she’s been steadily putting out shape-shifting hip hop and r’n’b for a hot minute now. It would absolutely not surprise me if three years from now she’s playing Coachella and the like, such a talented woman carving her own niche.

Listen here


8) Ella Thompson

Image Credit: Ella Thompson Facebook

Ms Thompson is one busy lady, fronting a handful of other bands and also nailing her own solo output. She makes sparkly alt-pop that’s perf to sing along to, it’s super sophisticated and beautifully layered stuff.

Listen here

9) Summer Flake

Image credit: Summer Flake Facebook

Stephanie Crase is the woman behind this Adelaide via Melbourne band making perfectly executed grunge rock. I love her straight-shootin’ voice and the whiney guitars, she never tries to overdo the composition and it just sounds so cool. You know when you’re trying not to try? Summer Flake pull that off effortlessly.

Listen here


10) Sui Zhen

Image Credit: Phebe Schmidt

Becky Sui Zhen makes v lush, zen (lol) pop, it’s blissful as all hell. Her latest albumSecretly Susanis the soundtrack to your Sunday arvo wind down, basically you can put it on in any stressful situation and you’ll be transported to somewhere tropical, probably featuring palm trees and a cocktail with a tiny umbrella.

Watch Here


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