From her home in Bangalow florist Mikarla Bauer of Wilderness Flowers spends her days making magic with orchids, roses and dahlias and raising her own little sprout four-year-old Van in the mix. It’s a full and vibrant lifestyle – one we recently had the pleasure of dropping in on.
In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked this talented mumma for her tips on creating the perfect floral arrangement with whatever is on hand (be it supermarket flowers, farmers market blooms or a bounty foraged from your own backyard). Read our interview with Mikarla and follow her expertise below.

Tell us about yourself and Wilderness.

I am a wedding and event florist based in gorgeous Bangalow, Northern New South Wales.
I have a four-year-old son Van and my husband Mitch who is also my business partner. We set up Wilderness Flowers in 2016 and it has really taken off! We love the lifestyle and the amazing people and places we get to see.

How would you describe your life in 3 words? 

Creative, sensitive and curious.

What inspires your work and keeps you motivated? 

We are surrounded by such beautiful flowers and natural beauty in the Byron Bay landscape so I find that really inspires me. I also love collaborating with the girls in my studio and other industry creatives; that really keeps me motivated and gives me energy.

What has motherhood taught you? 

How to be patient, have perspective and live a life of unconditional love.

What are your tips for juggling motherhood and a business, and keeping time for yourself and creativity? 

I run a tight work calendar and I have only realised in the last few years that scheduling personal and family time into that same platform is essential. I allow myself to set days or times each week just to recharge, I find this is essential for my creativity and balance.


What has been the most challenging part of motherhood and how have you overcome any challenges?

Managing time and priorities with a new business in a new location. Van was a one-year-old when we moved to Byron Bay from Sydney with no jobs lined up and no income so I found myself being more protective of my time and making sure Van got the best of me whilst working round the clock in the business. I knew I had to dedicate a huge amount of time and energy to getting the business up and running and wanted to make sure I had enough in reserve so he got the time and emotional connection that is so important at that stage of their life.  

What do you love about most about raising children in Byron Bay?

The freedom, beaches, farmers markets and supportive community are all so amazing. All my family live a 15-minute drive away so family hang time is the best.  

How will you be spending Mothers Day? 

We have big plans (that I made myself and put in the diary haha!). Take-away brunch from Rae's and a walk at Wategos Beach, then home for homemade woodfired pizzas and wine in the garden with my mum. Pretty much my dream day. 

DIY flower arrangement in 5 steps

1. Gather your favourite blooms, foliage and textures from your garden, your local florist or farmers market

2. Pick your vessel. This could be something you already have at home – a glass vase or something a bit more funky!

3. Use your biggest flower or foliage to cover the base of the vessel

4. Layer your focal flowers over the top to create interest and shape

5. Have a play with different heights and the angles of your flowers until you’re happy with it!


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