Prior to becoming the Andy Csinger we know and love, Andy was just a girl visiting Australia from Slovakia with a bag of “basics”. After joining Instagram back in 2014, sharing her newfound love for fashion and travel, she quickly secured a large following. From vintage denim cut offs to effortless silhouettes, we love Andy’s classically chic style. Now, Andy has traded in her heels for a hard hat, taking on her latest challenge of renovating a beautiful villa in Puglia, Italy. We sat down with Andy to discuss the highs and lows of renovating, her incredible life in Italy and the ‘happy accident’ of becoming one of Australia’s top fashion bloggers.



Your story is an interesting one, walk us through your journey to become one of the top fashion & Travel bloggers in Australia, how did you kick start this career?

It was one of those happy accidents really. I moved to Australia with one suitcase of clothes that certainly wouldn't be considered fashionable. I quickly fell in love with the overall chilled attitude of Australians and was inspired by the laid back Aussie style. I joined Instagram as most people did, started posting photos of my outfits and within a year it had skyrocketed. It happened so fast! 



We hear you are currently living the dream in Italy, what drew you to the beautiful country and what is your favourite thing about your new home?

I was drawn to the slower pace of life in Italy, it is part of their culture to relax and live life. Italy is built on the beautiful foundation of taking the time to really enjoy things. This was something I was really craving after living in the city. I moved here to slow down and reconnect with nature and my surroundings. Italy has such an amazing history and landscape to explore. Did I mention the food? I love Italian food, the quality of the produce and the seafood, it’s unparalleled. 



We have been following your renovating journey on Instagram  @casaante, where are you finding your inspiration for styling and decor?

The South of Italy has so much inspiration to offer, from the architecture to the Mediterranean influence, it’s so beautiful. It has this sense of minimalism with pops of colour. Puglia is famous for its incredible ceramics, so when we get down to the decorating phase of our renovations, it won’t be a problem. We are creating a very natural vibe, only using natural materials like wood and stone with lots of plants. 



You looked gorgeous in the latest Auguste pieces, they fit like a dream. What was the standout piece for you from the collection?

I love the Ivy Dante Maxi Dress! The clean lines of this dress are so beautiful and flattering. I also love the navy hue, it’s darker for a floral print which is so perfect for a summer aperitivo. 



As you know, we are all about vintage-inspired pieces here at Auguste. What is your favourite era of fashion?

Oh, I don’t think I could choose just one era, I mean, the 80s had some amazing fashion statements but some also very bad ones, it was the same for the 70s and the 60s. All I can say is I love all of my vintage denim cut-offs. 



Any survival tips for any of us thinking about or currently on the renovation journey?

Patience! A lot of patience! Renovating a house is an emotional rollercoaster to put it nicely, you have to be very focused yet you also have to have the ability to roll with the punches. It helps to keep the ‘end product’ in mind and enjoy the ride. It comes to an end sooner than you think it will and once you get hooked on the process, you won’t be able to stop.



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