Designer, managing director, philanthropist, wife, horse lover – Ebony Eagles wears a lot of hats, but the most cherished of all is the one that reads ‘mother’. In all that she does, the founder of Auguste keeps her two girls, Coco and Frankie, at the very front of her motivations, whether that’s building a brand to give back to the earth, making a home in the Byron hinterland or actively inspiring a shared love of horses. It’s what mums do! Everything and anything for their kids. Take a peek into life at home with Ebony and her girls and read our interview below.

How would you describe life in three words? 

Hectic, fulfilled, inspired. 

What has motherhood taught you?

So much! Patience, presence, the exact timing for a perfectly soft boiled egg (5.5 minutes for one and 6 minutes for the other)… But high above all, motherhood has taught me unlimited, unfathomable, completely overwhelming love. Having my girls opened me up to a love that I could never have imagined and put everything into perspective!

What are your tips for juggling motherhood, a business, and still having time for yourself and creativity?

Be flexible and kind to yourself. Know that you can’t do it all, be happy with that, and never be over critical. Oh, and say yes to the wine : )

What has been the most challenging part of motherhood and how have you overcome any challenges?

These challenges change over time but I suppose the constant challenge for me has always been work life balance and always feeling torn between my professional ambitions and being a present mother. At the end of the day, I take comfort in the fact that I am setting a good example for my daughters (at least I hope I am!) and teaching them about making the most out of whatever they put their hearts into. 

Have your daughters been a source of inspiration? Have they shaped how you run your business?

Endlessly, they me inspire me daily. When I started in fashion, I was literally only 12 years older than Coco (!) who is 9, I was a young girl born with fierce determination to succeed and at that time I had my heart set on succeeding in business and as a fashion designer. Success looks very different to me these days, today success to me is summed up in one word ‘contentment’. My girls have definitely been a part of my inspiration to use my work as a way of giving back to the beautiful earth we inhabit and leaving the world a better place for future generations. Our partnership with One Percent for the Planet, One Tree Planted and all the charity initiatives over the years (from UN Women to actioning against bullying to planting trees and protecting precious land for the orangutans) have all been drummed up with my girls in mind.

In a more creative sense, they were also the inspiration behind Little Auguste. When the girls were younger, they would often accompany me on shoots or in the office doting over the dresses. It was only natural for me to adapt and expand the brand for them to play and twirl endlessly in, as young girls do! 

How would you describe your approach to parenting?

Hmmm, practical and honest. I guess like everything there’s a balance – I’m overly loving but try to teach them the importance of self-sufficiency; semi non-conventional but traditional with manners and bed time : ) Most importantly I teach my children kindness and compassion to all of the earths creatures, values passed down from my mother to me. One of my best tricks has been planting the seed over the years for them to share my love of horses! Now they’re as crazy about them as I am! 

What do you love most about raising children in the Byron Hinterland?

Where do I start… the lush green hills, the insane beaches, their tiny country school full of adorable and diverse characters (they don’t call Byron kids free range for nothing!). We’re pretty lucky to give our children this home. 

How will you be spending Mothers Day?

Probably the beach in the morning, in the paddock with the horses in the afternoon, and with a glass of something red in the evening – bliss! 

When it comes to fashion, where does your inspiration come from?

A genuine love of all things vintage. I’m always designing with the idea of making a piece timeless, so I’m constantly taking inspiration from well-loved vintage finds. 

How would you describe the style of your home?

Homely, open, welcoming ...not often tidy! (Is that a style??) We built the house to highlight plenty of natural elements like timber, sandstone and marble that would tie it into the environment. I guess I’ll call it grounded. 

When are you happiest? 

Barefoot and either with my daughters or my horses (and not always in that order!). 

Do you have any words of wisdom for mothers starting their own business?

Do what feels right, follow your intuition and work smarter not harder! And above all, just be present when you're with family and be motivated when you need to work. And then teach me how to practice what I preach! haha.


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