Because She Lives Free ☮ Get to know Emily

Because She Lives Free ☮ Get to know Emily

Living free is gazing at the Taj Mahal as the sun rises over its highest peak, having chai with the local shop keepers in the bazaar - swapping words and their meanings, and letting the ocean be your morning wake up call.

Emily Hutchinson is a full-time gypsy with a love for alternative medicine, life beyond borders and Taylor Swift. 

How did you end up living in Byron (between your travels - of course) 
Well, my father was in the army, so ever since i was born me and my family would move every three years.

As a child it's hard - you constantly have to go to new schools, make new friends and essentially start from scratch at an age which is impossibly hard to do so. I vividly remember resenting my parents so wholeheartedly for it. However i guess the saying - sometimes the worst things in your life turn out to be the best rings especially true for me. What i didn't realize at the time was the constant change was building in me a strength of character, a love of adventure and craving for the unknown. A need to be out of my comfort zone and an appreciation of broader horizons.  

I guess this is what eventually bought me to Byron. Well, that and a decision to move away from mainstream medicine which i have been working in for a number of years and follow the path of alternative medicine. Byron seemed like the perfect place for a change of pace. 
 What’s a typical Sunday for you?
Sundays are usually spent procrastinating. I often procrasta-bake on Sundays. Anything to avoid being a fully functioning adult and actually organizing my life for another week. 
Beach? sure. Movies? count me in. Ironing my work uniform? never. 
What does #shelivesfree mean to you?
My perception of living free has considerably changed over the years. As I get older, society tends to have more expectations for how your life is supposed to go. Things you are supposed to have accomplished, or things you are supposed to want. And when you don't conform to these unwritten rules, people get upset. 
I guess in this moment in time, living free to me means to live by my own rules. I have a great degree and a fantastic job - which i just quit to travel around the world with my boyfriend ( I'm currently writing this from Jaipur, India). I have no plans on working full time anytime soon - My plans are to live my life with utmost abandon. To appreciate every single moment and immerse myself fully in the now. To let my life unfold in whichever way it chooses. I am the maker of my own happiness.
Living free is gazing at the Taj Mahal as the sun rises over its highest peak, having chai with the local shop keepers in the bazaar - swapping words and their meanings, and letting the ocean be your morning wake up call. 
 Describe your personal style:
Grandmother - meets homeless gypsy meets soccer mom who drives a range rover - meets twenty something club go-er who drinks vodka lime and soda. 
 Pick an element?
I'm a Sagittarius so always fire. With three older brother i have never been short of sass. 
 Era you wished you lived in?

The one before human beings destroyed the wonders of our natural world. I would love, just once, too see the beauty of this planet unmarred by the ugly footprint of people.

  Last book you read?

I have a guilty fetish for Sci-Fi fantasy. So its quite surprising that the last book i read was in fact a non-fiction novel called brain on fire - a true account of an impressive young woman who contracted an auto-immune disease which sent her psychotic.  
What’s a quote you live by?
'Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck'. Every time something goes "wrong" in my life, i remember that everything happens for a reason, and in fact the very thing that is my source of anguish could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Positivity is key.
Oh, and ' if you think one person cant make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito'. 
Can i have two quotes? That's greedy, i know. 
  Describe your version of utopia:
Being stranded on a tropical island full of pina coladas with Taylor Swift and a karaoke machine.
Describe the best day you’ve ever had?
I have to pick just one? That's like a parent choosing their favourite child ( even though we all know they secretly have one ).
Perhaps its only because it's recently in my mind - but i think it would have to be a few weeks ago in Sri Lanka.
Myself and my boyfriend will went to an incredible waterfall just outside of Ella. When we got there we could see that the area for swimming was full of locals swimming, bathing and generally having fun with their families. As nice as is was to see it wasn't really what we were after and we prepared to leave a little defeated when an elderly local approached us, put a crystal in both our palms and signaled for us to follow him. He sidestepped into a nearby bush and proceeded to lead us steadily uphill for a good 20 minutes without a word of english. We arrived at the top of the waterfall and he turned and took me by the hand, and walked me straight across the top and up to a secluded triple waterfall with not a soul around. He than smiled and went back the way we came, leaving us to swim and gaze at one of the most incredible natural wonders i have ever seen - in solitude and peace. 
There is nothing more i love than being surprised by the kindness of others.
Where is your favourite place in the world?
Udaipur, Rajasthan. Known as the venice of India. I have never experienced anything quite like it in all of my travels. Walking down rambling lanes filled with vibrant textiles, dodging cows and people alike and while gazing on the most incredibly romantic architecture. It's far enough out the way that the locals are yet to be jaded by tourists, and have a warm smile and a story or two for anyone who looks their way. 


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