Auguste X 1% For The Planet

Auguste X 1% For The Planet

Introducing Auguste X 1% For The Planet
As of December 1, Auguste became a member of 1% For The Planet - a global movement of businesses and individuals who are committed to making our planet a healthier place. 
Our promise to 1% For The Planet is about consistency - knowing we are always giving back no matter what other initiatives we have going on! We really hope that through this campaign we can spread awareness about the 1% movement... and hopefully inspire other brands people to join this incredibly necessary revolution!
As we're sure you may have seen, we just launched our Strawberry Moon campaign with Nicole Trunfio.  Working with Nicole was amazing - she's seriously stunning and has always been such a supporter of home grown labels (it turns out she was an absolute dream to work with too).
 But to us - Strawberry Moon was going to be bigger than (very-beautiful-if-we-do-say-so-ourselves) clothing... we wanted to work with Nicole to spread a message of how we can use our dollars as energy - channeling it into spaces that need it the most!
Through this movement, Auguste has has pledged to donate 1% of our annual sales to two charities very close to the heart of Ebony: 
The MCS is the only Australian national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes. 
They’re also drivers of the #FightForTheReef campaign, raising awareness of the major threats to the Australian Great Barrier Reef including industrialisation, climate change and fertiliser run-off. 
OLT focuses on supporting the preservation, restoration and protection of forests in the area where orangutans naturally exist or have existed in the past. Their main aim to ensure that there are safe forest areas set aside for orangutans to form a healthy ecosystem.



A big thank you to Graziafor spreading the 1% word already and thank you to all our beautiful customers who've shopped with us this December and helped us donate to 1% For The Planet! 
xx Auguste 

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