[Auguste Art] Get to know Mia Taninaka

[Auguste Art] Get to know Mia Taninaka

Run wild with the wolves, fly high with the eagles and always follow your heart - it knows your true path.

"The Lightness Of Being" by Mia Taninaka


Mia's art is inspired by our connection to the universe, as is her approach to living. She is also the artist behind our very own logo! Get to know her.


Tell us a little bit about how you came to live in Ocean Shores:

I grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. As a kid I did lots of travelling through South East Asia with my family, and got to experience a wild world of amazing tastes, smells and adventures.

I studied and worked a bit in Sydney, before moving to tropical Bali with my boyfriend. We made Bali our home for 4 years and loved all the culture, weather, food and people before deciding to move back to Australia this year with our 2 year old boy, Ziggy. Recently we moved to Ocean Shores on the northern coast of NSW where we’ve got a beautiful treehouse that looks out through the nature reserve and i’ve got my own studio yurt all set up so we’re very happy being back here.


Describe a day in your life:

Lately, my days start around 5:30/6am when Zig crawls into bed with us for some lovely kicks to the face and ridiculously cute giggles. Meditate, brekky, beach, chai at the park then home in time for Z to have his nice long midday sleep.. then the work begins! My most productive time of day is when he’s asleep so I try to get as much done then before he’s up and running wild again. I have good days and not so productive days haha. Lately he’s been joining me in the studio which has been pretty fun, although there is paint on every accessible surface!


Where do you find inspiration?

I find that my meditation practice helps me to connect with myself and my surroundings on a deeper level and in turn gives me access to a universe full of inspiration and ideas. I make sure I take time to appreciate the beauty in all things and focus on the present. Ziggy is also a constant source of inspiration- watching him experience things for the first time ever is such a big reminder on how awesome this big beautiful world is. All my paintings are about our connection to the universe in some way or another so I find that as long as I have happiness, love and sunshine then inspiration flows.


What does #SheLivesfree mean to you?

Run wild with the wolves, fly high with the eagles and always follow your heart - it knows your true path. Allow yourself be powerful, loved, fearless and happy. Surround yourself with positive, successful, loving, supportive people. Know what you want, go for it and never doubt. You are a golden goddess, you matter and the universe loves you.


Where is your favourite place?

 I’ve been to a lot of places in the world and have had some amazing experiences, but it is hard to go past beautiful Australia. Where i’m living now has access to some truly amazing uncrowded beaches, rivers, water holes & forests. I’d have to say this is my fave spot yet!


Describe your personal style:

 My wardrobe is filled with long flowy skirts, denim cut offs, high waisted denims, vintage tees, wild socks, overalls, holy old singlets, and various pieces i’ve found along my travels.. I can’t really say I have a personal style, I just mix and match depending on how i’m feeling and the weather. I like colour and character!




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