Artist Profile - Marianne Roussety

Artist Profile - Marianne Roussety

We first came across Marianne on Instagram... drawn to her deep-blue-sea inspired artwork and her sun-drenched snaps of a life on the road. There was an effortlessness about her - something that made it obvious that both her art and her lifestyle came easily to her. 

Get to know her...

"Since I am in Australia, I have been painting mostly outside, in my boyfriend's backyard in South Australia. Such a great way to create, with the warm sun and the sound of the birds. My workspace is a bit messy sometimes with all the paints everywhere. Since living on the road, I have been painting in the forest and in front of the ocean"

What inspires me? I'd say nature inspires me a lot. I have spent a lot of time exploring coastlines in the last year. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Portugal and now Australia. The colours of the ocean is what inspires my work the most. The blues, greens and turquoise. I got into painting only a year ago. I have always been very creative and I used to draw a lot, but more realistic stuff. I started painting because I wanted to try something new, push my limits and create even more. I tried many types of painting but abstract painting is definitely my favourite. It allows me to just play with colours and shapes, and also to just throw my emotions and feelings on a canvas. The first drop of paint is always magical... My dad taught me to draw at a very young age and my mom always pushed me to do more, create more. That's where my passion comes from.

My creative playlist changes a lot, it really depends on my mood, but I listen a lot of Matt Corby, Cat Power, The Rolling Stones, The Cinematic Orchestra, London Grammar, Angus and Julia Stone and more. 

Screenshot 2016-05-19 11.12.41.png

The ocean has always intrigued, yet amazed me so much. There is so much life in there, so many colours. Since I travel, I try to spend a lot of time near the ocean. Since I have been on a plane a few times I saw beautiful aerial views of lands and ocean and it amazed me. A lot of my paintings refers to aerial views.

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