Are they THE ONE? See if you and your bestie are Festival Soul Sisters

Are they THE ONE? See if you and your bestie are Festival Soul Sisters

5 ways to know you're Festival Soul Sisters 

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1) You know each other's numbers by heart

Yep, there's a big chance your phone may die, be dropped in mud or trampled on by someone who is busy running to catch the end of Dashboard by Modest Mouse. You need to know your bestie's digits off by heart (or at least have it in massive writing across your arm in sharpie) in case you lose each other, which brings us to...

2)You don't leave each other hanging

Festivals are one of the only times we don't recommend Going Your Own Way... When you almost inevitably lose each other, you need to know your Soul Sister is going to show up by the frozen yoghurt stall/ ferris wheel/ cider bar/ wherever you've organised as your special spot... even if she's muddy with a broken phone and has brought along some bearded guy called Pete. 

3) You groove to the same tunes

If she wants to see Kendrick, but you're more keen for Cold War Kids... well, you two may have a problem.

4) Your wardrobes would be soul sisters in real life

Okay... so this one isn't totally required, but coordinated outfits DO look amazing on Instagram...

5) There's serious synergy between your Festival Intentions

You two may be totally matched for coffee dates or after-work-drinks... but she's all about the moshpit and won't say no to a crowd surf or two, and you like to sit back on the hilland watch bands from afar,then you may not be (Festival) Soul Sisters. 
...Unless you want venture down that hill and crowd surfing a go!

Just kidding Bluesfest xx


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