All Good Things Are Wild And Free - Meet Corina

All Good Things Are Wild And Free - Meet Corina

Auguste is one of those brands that I think I could wear for the rest of my life, should I only be allowed to shop one label. Their ethereal collection makes me want to dance along in the wilderness, which is exactly what I did."

DRESS: Auguste Boheme Maxi Dress

BIRD RING: Wild And Free JewelryX  Torch Light Jewelry


NECKLACE: Wanderlust Fashion

SKINNY CUFFS: Bahgsu Jewels

Corina Alulquoy Brown is the creative behind Wild And Free Jewelery, a gorgeous boho label that has us dreaming of 1969. On the side, Corina showcases labels she loves on her blog... And we're lucky to be one of them! Intrigued by the gorgeous snaps captured in Figueroa Mountain, we took 5 with Corina to get to know her a little better.


Describe a day in your life:  

A day in my life usually starts with me waking up, checking Wild & Free Jewelry's e-mails and social media and then heading straight into working on orders. Everything I do with Wild & Free is made to order, so when the volume of my website orders is high, my days are usually spent working until I go to bed making accessories like mermaid crowns, butterfly crowns or feather headbands. Recently I've been making a ton of embellished denim jackets so my sewing machine has been my best friend.

At least once or twice a week, I like to go out and explore nature, which is when my blog shoots come into play. These adventures have become very important to me in the past few months because it's my time to take a break from processing orders and enjoy being creative in another way. I also love the days I get to go out for the blog because the end result unites me with other brands, artists and designers. When we can all support each other instead of compete it fills my soul with happiness. 

What was the last:

Book you read?

YES PLEASE by Amy Poehler. I LOVE her on Parks & Rec so I decided to read her book and I felt like such a creep whenever I read it in a public setting because I couldn't stop laughing and people would turn their heads and give me the weirdest looks. That book is hilarious! She's such a strong role model for women and I love it!

Song you listened to?

Odesza - It's Only

Gig you attended?

I went and saw Tokimonstaat a venue in Santa Barbara and she was amazing. I hadn't even listened to her music before the show and I left very impressed. 

Place you travelled to for the first time?

The last place I went for the first time was Tulum, Mexico in July of last year. It was so beautiful there! I have been dreaming about going back as soon as possible.

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