We sat down with Auguste Muses @sarahlouisefraser & @hannahbeaden to talk about all things life, motherhood & their beautiful friendship. We were even lucky enough to get their delicious shortbread hearts recipe! Perfect for cozy bake days at home with your little loved ones. Read more below about this stylish duo.


1. Use your hands to blend the mixture together.
2. Roll your shortbread into a log shape.
3. Cut the mixture carefully into individual shortbreads.
4. Mould each circle into a heart shape with your hands.
5. Cook on 180 degrees for 12-15 minutes.



How did you two become friends?
We actually met through our husbands! They had been friends for years and introduced us to each other. We had met once before our husbands decided to go away for the weekend all together….Luckily we all got along like long lost friends otherwise it would have been an awkward weekend!

What are your top tips on balancing mum life and giving back to yourself?

It’s true that if mum goes down the whole family goes down, we both make time for ourselves with weekly Mexican girls nights and nights away! Even just taking the time in the morning to get ourselves ready can set the whole tone for the day!

What are your podcast recommendations?

Podcasts are the ultimate mum hack if you love reading but can’t find the time! We both love Boob to Food and Darling Shine podcasts!


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