10 things to do before Summer ends

10 things to do before Summer ends

We're two thirds of the way through our favourite season, and we're already becoming nostalgic for balmy afternoons by the sea and early morning road trips. We know the magic won't last forever, so we vow to make these last few weeks extra sweet by creating a list of all our favourite things to do, and promising ourselves we'll make the time to make memories. Join us?

  1. Make your own Acai Bowl. Seriously, you can do that. 
  2. Take blankets down to the beach and watch the sun rise and see that cosmic magic of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in alignment.
  3. Spend a whole day without your phone. Put it under your pillow, and leave the house for the day... Take a disposable camera and use the whole film up... Then develop it when Summer's over. Film brings back the romance to reminiscing. 
  4. Lie in the sun and read a book that changes your perspective on something.
  5. Have a doco night with your nearest and dearest.
  6. Write a letter to yourself to read in a years time. Put in it all your thoughts, hopes, dreams and worries.
  7. Head to Laneway Festival, because that lineup is 10/10 (and find your outfit here)
  8. Get stuck in the black hole of the internet finding good tunes from bands that no longer exist. Here's a great place to start
  9. Put a picnic blanket down on your living room floor, light a candle and start to plan your next escape. Check out Follow The Vista to get the inspo flowing.
  10. Watch Lords Of Dogtown, because nothing feels more like summer than the sun-drenched cinematography of 70'a skate culture.  After watching, youtube the "Dance Of Enticement" and watch it 20+ times. You're welcome xx



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