In the beginning it was calm, then came the beautiful chaos of life, she revelled in it, welcomed it and grew from it. Through growth, she found wisdom, a wisdom she was able to share with her daughter and her daughter’s daughter. Then, as the end neared, she found calm once more.

Our bodies tell stories, far too great for the pages of books. The curves of a woman speak to her ability to give life, the lines in her skin tell tales of her experiences, her scars show that she can overcome anything, and her eyes whisper softly her nurturing nature.

Prologue is inspired by the boundless bond between women, kindred spirits, with a shared understanding and compassion for the intrinsically female experience of life. Subtle hues patterned by bold florals are grounded in effortless silhouettes, designed to remain a timeless favourite throughout the stages of life.

Photographer | Trevor King
Models | Kieta Van Ewyk, Jessica Vander Leahy, Zoe Cross, Chrissy & Coco
Location | New South Wales

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