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December 01 2016


Johanna May Irwin
January 20 2017

Dancing in the summer breeze warms my heart and soul.

valerie kriz
January 18 2017

life is colour and colour is life

Aleisha Young
January 05 2017

Salty hair, sun-kissed skin, no makeup, beach days, a feeling of magic in the air ?Summer feels free

Jacqueline Millman
January 05 2017

Late night catch ups outdoors with friends, wispy dresses, wet hair and cocktails is summer to me

December 20 2016

Just purchased my first Auguste baby and am waiting/hoping the others will be back in stock soon.??
Can’t wait to enter! Be in it to win it! ??

Hayley Quartermain
December 07 2016

I have never had enough to purchase from you but have been eyeing up for so long!
Please pick me, I need a xmas treat.

Michelle Jones-Gardiner
December 07 2016

Salty hair, sun kissed skin and an Auguste gown draping my skin . That’s summer ❤️

Jacqui Sloan
December 06 2016

I have bout 2 dresses from this store about to buy another I absolutely love this store, have received mt dress online & was here within 4 days best service best dresses love this s tribe ???

Deborah Althaus
December 06 2016

Love your label. How it makes every woman feel and what your label represents period. Keep shining ❤️

Sienna Kolatowicz
December 06 2016

Pick me so I can look like a magical gypsy

Ruth gerein
December 06 2016

….it’s winter here?

December 06 2016

Love Auguste!

December 06 2016

Love all the gorgeous tops with bell sleeves and dresses ??

Ngoc Nguyen
December 06 2016

I’m obsessed with your clothes! Please pick me :D

Donna chapman
December 06 2016

Please pick me???

Isabella Robinson
December 06 2016

I love my Auguste dresses. They are so feminine and summery ?

Savannah Hartzoge
December 06 2016

What if you don’t own any Auguste items? Can you still participate?

Nicole Duverge
December 02 2016

Sandy toes beer lined lips and crispy sunbathed skin

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